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Saint Petersburg Branch of the Russian Humanist Society
"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Selected Articles.
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A Description of the RAN's Fight Against Pseudoscience in the Mass Media 06.09.2003
A Speech of Ye. B. Aleksandrov, Academician of the RAN, to members of the master-class "Science in the Mass Media Today", St. Petersburg, 4-5 April 2003
The Torsion Illusion 04.09.2003

A question was raised on the cover of the magazine "Elektrosvyaz'" N5 of 2001: "Torsion Communications: Myth or Reality?" The question was connected with the publication of an article inside, "Torsion Communications - A New Physical Principle for Information Transmission Systems". The review presented replied to this question thus: torsion communications is not a myth and, moreover, it is not a reality. It is a complete illusion!.

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The Sources of Pseudoscience 03.09.2003

How does pseudoscience arise and from where? It would seem from mistaken observations and incorrect ideas, but this is not so. Pseudoscience has one cause in common. This cause is interference by non-scientific forces in the natural course of the development of science. Such interference arises from Ideology, Government, Money, or the Public.

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How they dupe dopes 29.08.2003
The article of G. Shevelev illustrates what the damage can be which is inflicted on people and entire countries by con men and charlatans who have attached themselves to science and who are trying (often successfully) to place its authority at the service of their pocketbook.
An Unparalleled Page in the History of Humanism 26.04.2001

In the chanceful history of humanism one ought to note especially the Civil War in the USA. From the moral point of view it is without precedent. Due to its auspicious combination of high aim and a profound word with a good and disinterested deed it has rendered the genuine grandeur to the democracy.

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Propaganda of Obscurantism as a Policy of the State 14.03.2001

During the last decade an unparalleled Sabbath of the wildest superstitions is going on in Russia. These superstitions, such as astrology, spiritism and soon, are actively supported by mass media. Charlatans have unimpeded access to microphone, TV camera and printing press, whereas their opponents have almost none.

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Some practical activities of secular humanists 14.03.2001

According to the Rules of the Russian Humanist Society its principal aims are the defence, development and propagation of the ideas and norms of secular huma nism as a world-view and a way of life. But how is this aim to be attained in a separate Russian region? The question is rather important because new regional branches of the Society are being created, and our successors will need the experience of their predecessors. But I don't remember any publications on the theme in our main organ, the magazine Zdravy Smysl.

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