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Loss of a Culture of Debate and Logical Thinking and its Consequences for Society 04.04.2004
I'll venture to tell of my modest experience of debates with my opponents in philosophical outlook —in person, by correspondence, and in the mass media. More exactly attempts at debate, for in most cases I've been faced with a truly oppressive lack of an elementary culture of debate. (P. Trevogin)

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Nobel laureates are not Listened To
Read how the St. Petersburg branch of the RGO filed a lawsuit to prevent the city government from issuing licenses to practicioners of folk medicine in contravention of Russian law. The Russian humanists enlisted the support of Russian Nobel laureates in their campaign to get the city government to respect scientific knowledge and Russian law.
Be Healthy - If You Want To 06.12.2003
"A belief in miracles is the motivating force of any fraud, be it a financial pyramid or a swindler's office. Citizens, decide for yourselves what you'll finance - either strange miracles or your own health. You won't get both". Yevgeny Zubarev unmasks swindlers disguising themselves as scientists.
The Twilight of Reason 10.11.2003
It is the article about thinking men was taking part in the Russian Humanist Society.
Science and the Mass Media: Is Mutual Understanding Possible? 04.10.2003
The review is what the journalists said during a master class on "Science in the Mass Media Today. The Experience of Russian and British Journalism" within the framework of the "Science Week in St. Petersburg" (4-5 April 2003).
Pseudoscience. How Does It Threaten Science and the Public? 30.09.2003
Report by Academician E.P. Kruglyakov at a RAN Presidium meeting of 27 May 2003.
Gratitude to our american friend 30.09.2003
Gratitude and best wishes to Mr. Gary Goldberg (see photo) for unselfish translations of articles of our website.
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