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New Heroes, or The Kitchen of Sensations 27.10.2004
Sergey Melnikoff, a man whose whole life has been spent dealing with the organization of expeditions to the most inaccessible corners of the planet, answers the questions exclusively for Vip.Lenta.Ru.


A Profitable Miraculous Business 12.07.2004
An examination of the legal consequences for sorcery, alternative medical practices, etc. under current Russian law.

Demagogues and Ignoramuses Against Scientific Expertise 30.06.2004
Even if the RAN and the Russian Academy of Medican Sciences do their duty to protect science in Russia from pseudoscientists, charlatans, and swindlers by shifting this matter to some Commissions, the problem as a whole will not be solved. It can only be solved if all scientists and simply educated people are uncompromising toward obscurantism and fight against it. (V.L. Ginzburg)
Academicians Protest the Dominance of Pseudoscience in the Russian Army 12.05.2004
Four academicians express alarm about the use of astrology in the Russian Army in an open letter to Izvestia.


Where Is the Line Between Researchers and "revolutionaries"? 07.04.2004
How to Tell Science From Pseudoscience: Telling Real Researchers from "Revolutionaries" and "Pioneers".


Swindlers posing as "scientists" 04.04.2004
A chapter of the same name book of Russian academician Ed. P. Krugliakov.
Role of the Media in Making Fools of Russian Society 04.04.2004
I would like to think that journalists are to a great extent conscientious people. But the impression is that the overwhelming majority of them are subject to militant ignorance, that they have thoroughly forgotten all school wisdom and actively and deliberately restrict access to the mass media for people with common sense. And on top of everything, to their ignorance mercantile considerations are added: the desire not to lose readers (listeners, viewers). But the moral and ethical aspects of this policy doesn't bother them. Not to mention the state's interests, whose population is quickly and purposely being converted into a tribe of primitive savages. This is not merely a national disgrace this is real intellectual genocide! (Petr A. Trevogin).

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