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Affirmations and the Real Actions in Russia 17.07.2005
Yuriy Yefremov discusses attempts to severely reduce state funding for science and education and points out the inconsistency of President Putin's words and deeds. The article compares the American government's approach to the underfunding of science and education.

About the Russian X-ray Girl 02.06.2005
The reaction of a skeptical Russian scientist to claims that Natasha Demkina, AKA "the X-Ray Girl", can actually not only see people's internal organs but make medical diagnoses despite the fact that she has no medical education and indeed often does not even know the correct names for the organs of the body!
Why are There so Many Organized Humanists in the Netherlands? 01.04.2005
A conversation between members of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Humanist Society and Rob Buitenweg, a guest from the Netherlands, are presented.
How We Resisted Pseudohealing in St. Petersburg 27.03.2005
Three conversations on Petersburg Radio from the Series Science and Pseudoscience
Why Pseudoscience Is Flowering In Russia 17.12.2004
Academician Yevgeniy Aleksandrov surveys the growth of pseudoscience in Russia from the late Soviet period to the present and the changing methods of pseudoscientists and swindlers.
Why is Pseudoscience Dangerous? 10.12.2004
Prof. Eh. P. Kruglyakov describes the impact and influence of pseudoscience on the Russian government and society and shows why it is dangerous.
The Problems of the Expansion of Pseudoscience 03.12.2004
"Pseudoscience has attended science since the latter appeared and is showing no tendency toward fading away. Of course, one cannot talk about any sort of prohibitions in the area of convictions in a democratic society. No one can stop a citizen of a free country in his desire to be deceived by prophets or pseudo-healers (although in the latter case government oversight is necessary all the same). But no one has the right to take its money to pay for knowingly senseless projects. The Russian Academy of Sciences has taken these same positions". (Ye. B. Aleksandrov)
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