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Is this a New "Monkey Trial"? 24.03.2006
An open letter to Izvestia by 15 scientists who protest against new wave of heated attacks on evolutionary biology.
About the Bulletin SPLASH 11.12.2005
An overview of the counterpart organization to the St. Petersburg, Russia, branch of the Russian Humanist Organization, the St. Petersburg, Florida, Secular Humanists
(now part of the Center for Inquiry-Florida). The contents of one of their newsletters is also examined.
Atheism is not a Creed, Theology is not a Science 04.12.2005
A reply by Alexandr Krainev, a scientist and an atheist, to attacks on Academician and Nobel Laureate V. L. Ginzburg by M. Dunayev, a professor of theology. Krainev illustrates how theologians try to bolster the intellectuals of theology by borrowing from science while simultaneously attacking science for, among other things, allegedly being an ideology of its own.
The Semi-darkness of Russian Science 28.08.2005
"Russian scientists have been building their science for three centuries, and although it began from Western models in the final account it grew into a distinctive cultural phenomenon unique in global magnitude giving Russia an opportunity to defend itself and create its own economic life independently from the West. The elimination of Russian science will result in a long-range inability to defend the territory of the country and maintain an industrial society within it. That which was built over three centuries will not be able to be revived quickly. Thus, we are talking about the next point through which the RF is passing, making one more irreversible step toward Africanization". (Dmitriy Krilov) More...
Alternative Psychotherapy 28.08.2005
Excerpts from an article of the same name from the book Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy edited by Boris Karvasarsky, Chief Psychotherapist of the RF Ministry of Health.
But the Earth is square! And it doesnt rotate 05.08.2005
"We have become witnesses to the next assault of pseudoscience. There was an unusual 3-day international conference in the V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum: Science and the Future: Ideas Which Will Change the World. (Olga Zenkovich)
The Human Soul 27.07.2005
Mikhail Bogoslovsky examines the concept of the human soul as interpreted in various cultures and religions around the world, at times comparing them to the beliefs of the Russian Orthdox Church.
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