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"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Selected Articles.
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Astrology and the Public 27.10.2006
"If astrologers did not unconscionably confer on themselves the high reputation earned by science, particularly astronomy, then we would not devote special attention to them, nor single them out from the other charlatans springing up in the conditions of mass culture." (Vladimir Surdin)
A One-Way Discussion 22.09.2006
Academician and Nobel Laureate Vitaliy Ginzburg bemoans the proliferation of pseudoscience on Russian television in a 2003 article published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
The Nobel laureate – 2003 Vitaliy Ginzburg 20.09.2006
From an 04.02.04 broadcast on the Russian TV channel from the "Avtoritet [Authority]" series with Dmitriy Kiselev. More...
All this would be funny... 04.09.2006
A review of E.P. Kruglyakov's book Swindlers Posing as Scientists.
Democracy is a Way of Life 31.08.2006
Vitaly Ginzburg's interview with Novoye Vremya about what concerns him in present-day Russia.
The Clericalization of Education in Russia 10.08.2006
"The ROC's entry into the educational system and also the academic circles closely associated with it is being done at all levels, from kindergartens to the Ministry of Education and Academy of Sciences". (Nikolay Mitrokhin)
Evolution, You Taught Us to Believe 27.03.2006
A Russian view back at the Kansas school board controversy and the influence of religious fundamentalists in the U.S.
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