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"Zdraviy Smysl" ("Common Sense") Magazine Selected Articles.
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Open Up, Military Police! 07.12.2006
Aleksandr Rozov examines Russia's prospects if ideology and spirituality continue to dominate Russian politics, comparing this trend to North Korea's Juche.
Academicians declare war on charlatans
The RAN Commission to Combat Pseudoscience began work with an expanded membership. Its plans include the introduction of authorized Commission representatives to fight pseudoscience in the all large cities in Russia. Their main goal is to be the struggle against folk healers.
Neo-Lysenkoism in Russian Consciousness 26.11.2006
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Korochkin describes many of the manifestions of pseudoscience in modern-day Russia, including some new forms of Lysenkoism and theosophy.
Indigo Children as a Social Barometer 18.11.2006
Yevgeniya Krasina takes a witty look at "indigo children" who are called "unmanageable" and space aliens, but may possibly have Attention-Deficit Disorder or who are just not brainwashed like previous generations.
Why is astrology a pseudoscience? 07.11.2006
Astronomer Vladimir Surdin surveys the history of astrology and explains why it has no scientific foundation.
Pseudoscientists Have Be Exposed to Shame 31.10.2006
Gennady Shevelev expose attempts by pseudoscientists to pass off devices based on the Kirlian effect as medical diagnostic instruments and propose public ridicule of pseudoscientists as a way to limit the influence of such people.
Can Astrologers Be Believed? Science Says: "NO!" 27.10.2006
Russian astronomer Vladimir Surdin surveys the research on astrological predictions and then tells Russian readers where to go for reliable information about current developments in science.
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